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OPSEC and Public Release Decisions (OPSE-1500)

This course addresses the OPSEC issues that should be considered when reviewing information for public release and public access. Lessons can be applied to preparing information for release in all forms of media (e.g., print, web postings, and public speeches). After completing this course, learners will be able to edit information to be posted, written, and spoken by applying OPSEC principles; and, achieve the originator’s objective without compromising critical information.

Target Audience: Individuals involved in determining what information should be released to the public, such as public affairs officers, web masters, Freedom of Information Act review staff, speechwriters, speakers, classification review personnel, and OPSEC coordinators.

Method of Instruction: Microsoft Teams

Course Length: 8 hours (one eight-hour day). All times are Eastern Time.

Course Dates

19 Dec 2023 Registration opens 14 Nov 2023

23 Jan 2024 Registration opens 20 Dec 2024

14 Feb 2024  Registration opens 23 Jan 2024

15 May 2024  Registration opens 04 Apr 2024

21 Aug 2024 Registration opens 11 Jul 2024

04 Dec 2024 Regristration opens 23 Oct 2024

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